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Originally Posted by IansPlatinum View Post
Great job. I'm gonna have the same battle as you on the floor of the 145. Except yours will probably come out much nicer.

Keep it up, I love this car.
Thanks man. We'll see. I'll for sure keep at it, but it's also deteriorating faster than I can fix it.

By the way, that comment I made about not blaming the previous for a shoddy repair? I'm retracting it. It's hard to tell exactly whats going on but it appears that this patch was attached with RTV. It's no longer any wonder why the patch rusted out and nothing else.

Right now the plan is to turn the Oldsmobile around pretty quickly. I want to clean it really well, get the blower motor working, and flip it. That money is going to go directly toward a new daily for the fiance, because this car can't handle salt anymore.
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