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So a little update, took a little longer to get around to, currently juggling 47 projects, but did manage to smooth out the manifold with an angle grinder (sounds cringy but was careful) to get most of the meat off, then a belt sander, and finished it up with a large file for an hour or two and it turned out pretty well.

I did tap the holes to m10x1.5 (thank you Harlard for the suggestion) and suggest to have both a tapered tap and a bottoming tap. One of the holes ends up riding against the body and a tapered tap only gets so far, I had to grind my tapered tap a little to finish the hole. I think the m8 threaded inserts require a slightly smaller hole which is more appealing but a little more $$

Hope to get the manifold and turbo on this week. For hardware I am just using what I have from leftover cars and projects. mismatched studs, two look like good quality, the others are meh so we will see.
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