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Originally Posted by John242Ti View Post
A B21A with an A cam and 8.5:1 compression has 96 hp and 121 ft.lbs of torque. The B cammed version with K-Jet is 102 hp with 114 ft.lbs of torque if without a catalytic converter. 99 hp with a cat. So, by going from the B cam to an A cam, there's an extra 7 ft.lbs of torque at 2500 rpm. Some slight loss in peak hp.
I'm not following you here. They are almost identical, with the B having one mmm more lift and a tiny bit more duration. You say the B is higher hp, but that the A will make more at 2500. also, the carb vs k-jet is apples vs oranges.

I did back to back A, B, V, K, in an LH car, and it was a snoozefest. All were fairly normal to me, with the V and K being more like an early Datsun stock cam, and the A/B being more like 60s british stock cams.
Even a K in a well-tuned megasquirt car was still fairly mild. In a decently tuned car, the V was my favorite. I loaned it to Norcal740 or whatever his name was, never saw it again.

So. OP, in my opinion, leave the cams where they are.

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