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Originally Posted by dl242gt View Post
More low end torque is available with higher compression. That 8.5:1 of that engine is low. Even my non egr B21F with a B cam had 9.3:1 compression. A boost in compression would help and you'd get a mileage increase, too.
If I had the time, the flat top pistons would be in in a heartbeat. My eventual plan was to up CR with a little head shave too, just was curious if anyone had any experience with cams in a carbed setup like this, since technically the B is a Kjet carb.

All this has been great info, yíall. The A cam is an easy try as I have one, although it does have a bajillion miles on it. And Iím
Not against revving to get power, I just donít want it to be grumpy in downtown traffic.
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