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Default Paging Ben? Or anybody else regarding an upgrade path for fun street car...

So I want to make my daily into a more fun daily. Think M3 style. Stiffer, better, but still streetable. This won't go to the track but it will hit some backroads.

Is there an upgrade path laid out somewhere for something like this?

My plans so far are Gaz C/O's from Yoshifab front and rear.
Ben's spherical rear trailing arm bearings, with stock rubber on the Chassis side.
Ben's torque rods that are spherical on the axle and rubber on the chassis side.
---That's all I know for sure.

Up front what would you do? Full poly in a lighter durometer? Full Volvo rubber? Mix of both?

This stuff will happen over a long period of time as I save up sheckels. Plus right now I'm rockin the stock steelies which have brand new tires so I'm probably going to get my money's worth out of these tires before I upgrade rimpz and tires. I'm probably going to do a 16" wheel. No larger than 17 for sure, I don't like huge rims on the 240.
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