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Originally Posted by mikep View Post
That's a good start.
What ride height? A little lower, 2" or so?
A little lower. I like the look of slammed 240, but I am gonna daily this and I love not banging my air dam on everything right now. So call it an inch, inch and a half maybe.

And have you had much experience driving cars with stiff springs? I found that over 275# front was a bit much for most people in a 240, but I am ok with 350-400, and I like more spring, less bar.
Some in cars, but lots on bikes. I was a full time motorcycle rider for about 4 years and part of that time I rode almost a full on dragbike. It was not pleasant. I prefer a cushy-er but well damped ride.

I also think that huge bars are ok with stiff springs, but not with soft.
So there are my initial opinions based on cobbling lots of stuff and beating on it, but they certainly are not the only opinions.
I'm not a fan of giant swaybars. I'll get some roll control out of the springs and some out of an upgraded bar, but I don't mind a little lean when cornering hard.

Up front? Poly is good unless it's squeaking, and a lower chassis brace is a must. Top is not.
Damping properly matched to springs is more important than a lot of people think.
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Beets taste like buttfeet.
Originally Posted by Lando
Tinnitus and hearing loss? Sounds like your ears could tolerate some Bose 901s!
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