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Get as much caster as you can. Not sure how unpopular of an opinion this is around here but I like spring rate for ride control and ARBs for roll control. Figure ~2 Hz ride frequencies for a sporty setup, like 10% higher in the rear (call it like 300/175 lbs front and rear for a "sports" street setup on a moderately sticky tire, ie 200tw street tire or 250/150 if you want it softer). Big front bar, little to none rear bar depending on taste.

Good diff is a must. It'll always feel a little weak with an open one. Measure the QSRCs and set ride height to maybe an inch plus that dimension lower than stock.

I don't like poly bushings but I live in New England and drive my car all year. Don't put them anywhere where you wouldn't put a solid block of material unless you want to induce binding.

Figure that getting rates and damping right will take some trial and error if you want to really dial it in. has a lot of interesting stuff on the factory race cars. Might be sensible to try and translate that in a milder form.
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