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I normally disagree on the old-school GM cushy-floaty ride school of 10% higher in rear, but with a solid axle it can't hurt to help counter roll.

For the OP's intended decent ride, 250# front, x.66 to get close to the number for the rear, =165, so go for 175# rears. Add bilshteeens and mix well with 23mm front 19mm rear and go drive it.

Originally Posted by Stiggy Pop View Post
I absolutely hate my Yoshifab lower braces and can't wait to get them off the car. They are the low hanging fruit under a low car by a good margin, in the worst possible place. There's probably a gouge in the Lime Rock autocross course from mine still.

If your car is lowered I would not use a brace that puts 2" of tube sticking straight down at a right angle to your cross member just waiting to catch every dip, crack, pothole or bad angle it can find.
The overly complicated ones are not even necessary.
I only use a single pipe across the rear control arm mounts, mounted above the bottom of the brackets. Not sure I have pics anymore, but I can scab one together on my wagon and post a pic.
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