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Originally Posted by culberro View Post
Not turbo, but NA V8. 10.4:1 Cr, aluminum heads, 295deg cam with around 14mm of lift. It needs more CR or a smaller cam, but it's fun and really reliable.

The ignition has no problem firing over a 0.045" plug gap at 7300 rpm. So I think it's been fine. Like I said, the biggest issue has been heat. If you can remote mount the TFI away from the engine, that would probable be fine.
On the 80/90s cars, the TFI is mounted on the distributor and has heat issues.
Yes sir what you say is quite accurate. I wonder could they be used in wasted spark dless setup or would that induce the before mention dwell at idle issues with 1 coil/module per cylinder setup. I think that issue may be more prominent with BIM137's. This is also important. Who is supplying you with the aftermarkets for the closed loop version and what is the correct model number you come up with?


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