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And this is YASA. See what Texas has on it......

In the meantime a person with a lathe may stack rotors and stators from appliance BLDC motors to create a 9 or 10 inch diameter foot long external rotor designed BLDC machine. Change the magnets to neodymium from ferrite . Then wind it wye - delta like I've shown you and have something that will have much higher efficiency and efficiency is what governs electric power. I will show you how it does later.

Maybe this is the kind of gift a foil hat dunce wants. You can scrap these from quality washing machines. Get 10 -12 of these stator and rotor stacks from ebay mounted together for one long stator and rotor bell and a good lathe and you can begin from there. You will have to create rotor bell to encase the stacked rotors. Once a complete bell is made it will be very dangerous to lower it onto the wound stator by unskilled persons... u need some type of safe fixture or gantry setup. The general winding scheme for this topology would be ABCABCABCABCABCABC. Im sure they can wind it in Texas by using the good grammar of the English major.

Now I'm going to take the head off my 740, work on baby boys stereo, and enjoy my Sunday. The real chat botting starts now.


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