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Originally Posted by hk 40 View Post
The dunce with the foil hat from Texas
OK, drop the attacks, and share the knowledge. This is not OT, and I'll be cleaning this up.

Originally Posted by HiSPL View Post
Iggy list FTW.

I have wanted to do an E-vehicle for a while. I just can't clear out my other projects enough to start building one. My actual stupid idea is to use a Ford Aerostar as the base. RWD, Unibody but kinda built like a truck frame, plenty of room under the floor after removing everything.

I want a city car/delivery vehicle that can maybe pull a small trailer too. 100 miles of range, would need to hit 80mph but would spend most of it's time between 0 and 40.

Problem is my wife hates the Aerostar, or any minivan for that matter, and wouldn't use it for anything! lol. But I do want to build it for the studio to use. We do a fair amount of events in town where we haul a ton of long but not too heavy items (stands, backgrounds, lights).
I like the aerostar chassis, and I worked on them at several ford dealers, so I know them inside-out. My father woned one for a pretty long run, too. I personally never liked the long dash, but it is way better them the Lumina MPV.
The shassis is wide open underneath, so all the batteries could hide under there and possible even use a rear transaxle. Use the small under-hood area for all the sound equipment.
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