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Originally Posted by hk 40 View Post
Everyone thinks Tesla first but they should look at the development of the Prius . It is as good if not more impressive but no one likes little ugly Toyotas. However they have one helluva electric motor in them that some of the best in the world designed. Dr Hendrsot is an IEEE fellow.
I have issues with Elon Musk as in I would not work for him even if my office had the right number of strippers and their poles were in the right colour. But, I can't argue with Tesla's stock value and the fact he has helped a lot, in a Steve Jobs kinda way, to popularize fully electric cars.

I have read some of the SAE papers on the Prius -- I should try to find the IEEE ones as I am a member -- and while I think it is pretty clever there is one thing I do not like in their setup: it has no way of locking the engine gear to the output gear so you can run the electric motors at the same time the engine instead of having the smaller motor (MG1?) act as the electric lock for the engine (as in has to provide enough power to keep the engine "locked" against the output gear). That discovery pissed on my plans to put a Lexus GS450h "transmission" in my Volvo; I want to be able to apply insanity on demand
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