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Originally Posted by boostdemon View Post
I'm not super concerned with it as it's not an easy fix and it will be replaced in the future anyway.
Ultimately, There are other things I need to be focusing on. But I welcome the suggestion, i do appreciate the input.
I wasnt slamming the moderation. I said that at the onstart. Every screen in my house is def high definition but what video card is on a standard laptop that runs at 4032 x 1908 resolution. Must be a special unit because that certainly is not common??? Do you want an original file of this size? Then you can show me with a snippet what it looks like on your screen. With this 2020 HP it looks horrible.

At the end of the day no one has to care but. Ill continue to post photos the hard way so you dont have to drive the cursor a million points to the right jsut to view what id like to show u.

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