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with an 87 740, with lh2.2/ezk117, you need larger injectors... the stock 32's are a wee too small. If you want to stick to the low impedance injectors you're on your own for source, but if you ditch the ballast resistor pack, the late model fWD volvo turbo injectors are a decent cheap upgrade.

For 250 I'd say something in the mitsubishi 15g-16t territory. You can source a wastegate adapter from yoshifab ( Or one of the sisters.... 18t, 19t. To stray, a 16g from a dsm or depending how much you want to spend, a gt28 or if you can weld, a 16g6 from an evo 8 (my personal favorite).

You're going to need more boost, so figure in some type of reliable boost controller. You're still going to have boost creep out the wazoo even after you port the wastegate hole (on a 15g-16t or even a garret turbo).

IMHO 250hp makes the skinny rod block you have weak in the knees... If that was my car again (I had an 88), I'd have a wideband oxygen sensor with gauge on there to monitor.

To make the transmission cope (not sure if it's m46--you might need a clutch upgrade) but if you have an aw71, do the accumulator mod.

300hp is just a number. Are you willing to max out a 15g-16t at 20-25psi to get a number?

Keep the car at 250 and it'll be worlds (WORLD's) more fun than it is now and you give it a chance for a nice longish life. You're still going to need the far side of 18psi to get there.

Have you tried 200hp? why the need for 250-300? What are you running now?
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