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APD Has Been Collaborating With Local SMEs To Design And Develop Electronics Systems For Mobile Artillery Systems.

Who told you their drive are designed for airplanes because Tony the designing engineer flies drones and and any German that knows hobbyist 400 mph speed planes know that what they fly is YGE inverters . Young Generation Electronics which is truly designed for airplanes. It would not make any sense to begin with because the best inverter in the world uses SiC components and the motor and efficiency output is greater and the form factor smaller than any ev in existence. Its brought to you from Siemens who still holds that world record drive and motor. You get more mileage in a lighter car. What you rolling your eyes for its fact....

The AIRPLANE power plant produced 1500nm of torque weighing 50kg. The SiC based inverter that runs it you see here weighs 900 grams
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