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Firstly Mike I don't drink "Kool Aid" and there's no" its math stupid" that's you saying that. I said " just do the math" and its just really that simple, But I know you have a better way to explain the effect of efficiency on an electrical rotating machine than my mathematic examples so Ill let you do it when you read 19 points of it wont make much difference. Excuse me! but It makes a HUGE difference !! however I'm happy and good luck with the project. Im not terribly concerned about it because hearsay and speculative ideas free of the censored mathematics are only going to fry things in the EV world and make it a very expensive and unenjoyable hobby.

The designers will come to the math instead of it coming to them soon enuf. I realize new engineers are popping up here everyday now but all the personal emotions over the use of math and physics to explain a problem to someone that is lacking the fundamental understanding of how a machine works is never offensive in those real circles. Swedebrick, the OP from the Netherlands who I speaking to, Im quite positive he nor any other real one in the room has sent a single report to you or anyone about it.

Efficiency is the factor for higher throughput power and that's final no matter who gets mad about it coming after their post. On a technical forum when you make definitive statements it is the posters responsibility to consider who may be in the room and accept correction if the assertions are incorrect. The only way it isn't is if this is really a social site and not one where you can expect the right answer about things technical. Which one is it? A social site for a click or one where candid and real conversations about how things work where math and physics will be accepted? Im not trying to be funny but Im not holding anyones hands because they don't like the truth.


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