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If you truly wanted to put a real discussion on the table I think you would seriously consider collaborations or conversations that start at 10 and end somewhere around 20,000.00 or betta US DOLLARS. ESP if your goal is to build an e car with range that impresses fans of 300 hp turbo volvos. From here Im done talking about it because I know it will take at least that to really have something. Does Volvo manufacture scooters? That or an e motorcycle is about all my pockets can handle right now. On the other hand my free contribution to hand wind your motor with the hybrid topology would have been literally thousands in labor.

If you're going to build an e car save yourself all the bull sht and trouble and build it right. You have to do the math its critical or you couldn't even derive the right winding scheme for the better motor. Of course if you are building an e car right you have to most definitely consider the electrical motors losses it and the inverter efficiency as a power system and how you will utilize amperage and voltage in the build. For E this is most critical. Like anything else I wont waste my time with ignorance.

Mr. Hubert,

If I wanted to convert a 240 to an electric vehicle and I had a budget of 5k. Whats the best route to get there? What components should I use? Where are they sourced from?

Is this a possible task?

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The only safe bet is Ben.
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