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Mikep I hope you will clear your last 2 post from this individual as they help explain zero about EV's and fall upon def ears as far as any reconciliation goes. U know No real man makes or accepts the same apology twice...That's crazy Therefore these personal soliloquys of his are useless here and definitely belong in off topic. They do nothing but ruin thread because no one intelligent wants to hear the bull sht and unions will never be formed with me and individuals that act this way. I've been so done with the bad actors here. I don't have time to give any more real attention to pure nonsense. If it isnt technical and about EV it has no business being posted here. That's the bottom line. He's going to ruin it for everybody. Im only going drop the mic in the face of it. He's been enuf already considering I do not talk to him, know him, or even care about anything he does outside of my threads. The stalking and the comments are about as ignorant and weird as it gets from one man to another. He's not busting anyone's chops by following around like a chick I cannot get rid of hollering APC....needing a pregnancy test. At this point he's the only one on board that continues to deal in unsolicited ignorance. I know he does not think Im supposed to have a place here but I had a real seat many years before he knew this place. He should really take the time to discover a worthwhile existence on TB but we will never be friends. He has to accept that I will never be part of his rebirth. I deal in things genuine. The fact that someone thinks they can say all he has then simply say sorry shows their lack of interpersonal depth and the ability to truly understand the depth and uselessness of their insult to build anything positive. He will never receive a hall pass from me for what he's done in the phone world posted here.

BTW I knew TFI meant thin film ignition but at its heart is obviously is a thin film capacitor making it in essence a rudimentary form of CDI. Yes under examination it shows It may be a very versatile ignition piece with auto dwell and base starting options...but the great discussion that could have been had here by people with interest has already been destroyed by similar inane behavior. You see it does nothing but bring locks or get admonished to OFF TOPIC because of the overt ignorance. It is fact that no one that act this way is in my contact list. Only people included or a moderator can write me or even see what I do, who visits my page or anything personal about me. It is reserved for inclusive people who are secure in their own skin and don't mind Rogerian debate formed with good arguments and verifiable facts. What their friend did with no view of the math and physics involved isn't worth snot with me and I will not acknowledge or contend with it. I can just read it and laugh when I know better. I had to make it private because certain members continue to attempt writing me PM's when for me there is nothing to say. I keep drama and ignorance far behind me and never look back. Closing the pm door prevents anymore lies being reported to moderators. This way its impossible I made any threats to them. Typically when people feel THREATENED or dont care for an idividual they don't continue to privately try to contact that individual Mikep. Writing me privately for him is just more trolling behind the scenes...I just blocked it because it runs unchecked and there's nothing else to say. I've moved on but if he's proud of what he's posted here and in other places about me that says enuf about his character and apologies to me only a fool would accept!

Heres 1/4 of the million dollars worth of FANUC 7 axis paint robots I maintained for Daimler . Some people talking here haven't a clue about what I know or do. They are not tasked to do things like automate the entire solvent and paint kitchen for an entire manufacturing facility. I am so talking to them about somethings is like having a discussion with my 14 year old daughter. There's really nothing to talk about in certain regards. I doubt they have a clue about rebuilding Sames shaping air heads or zenith positive displacement pumps at 2500 a shot. In one year I replaced over 130,000.00 dollars worth of piss poor pumps from zenith. I doubt he'd know anything about ABB robots or barmag pumps. I doubt he's ever been tasked with creating major improvement in waste recovery and electrostatic paint booth optimization saving a place like Daimler millions in wasted and purged material. none of this is his element... so really there is nothing to discuss with him... hed be terminated immediately by safety personnel for even trying to walk into this paint booth without my personal escort!!! The robots produce 150 plus busses and travel over 10km every 3 days, He hasn't a clue about the coin involved....or what Ive really been responsible for.


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