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Originally Posted by hk 40 View Post
Dr Kanellis advises that I keep such high level ideas away from people like this. He wont touch the cam thread question because he does not know....

What you will screen cap is me telling u fuk off and you wont pick up the phone and you didnt. You can screen cap all u like u've never pioneered a thing useful in the automotive industry. You don't have the gravitas just look at you here uninvited to my contact list and unsolicited, The very reason my profile went private this stalking. U must be the only one mad following me around like an estranged wife! You can also screen cap what happens when you try to write me now... Be sure to include my latest work in your regard.
And were done here

If you return and start another soliloquy thread ill see if i can keep it clean as long as you refrain from insults and threats.
And i will trash it if the latter happens again.
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