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Default Lowering springs with Bil HD

My 95 940 wagon seems to have lost one of its Koni's on the front. I have lowering springs on it now, and still have the original springs on hand. I'm looking for one Koni to replace the bad one, but as I got them used some years ago I think I'd be better off replacing both.
I can get a great deal on some slightly used Bil HD inserts, and have some older rears on hand also. If I go that way, will the lowering springs have a poor effect on them?

Also re: getting new Koni fronts, some listings are $266 ea. One listing is for a late 760 at $150. But these should all be the same I believe. Another listing is for an entire strut, not the insert, which I did not know they made, at $175 ish. ???
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