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Incase anyone is reading this thread and interested in the fluctuating AFR issue. I replaced the CPS, cap, and rotor. Bougiecords plug cable was too short for plug 3, didn't install. No change.

I did reinstall the N/A ecu and ezk and there is a very similar fluctuation in afr at idle however the rpm does not drop nearly as bad when it goes lean and the fluctuation is from like 14:1 to 15.5:1 instead of 13:1 to 17:1 with turbo the turbo computers

Any other easy to check things I can do before the Gambler on the 24th? I was thinking about unbolting the knock sensor and letting it hang. I may try and verify ECT resistance at the ecu connection.

I may go ahead and just pull the intake manifold and change the gasket. I don't hear any significant boost leaks and don't see any soapy bubbles on the top side but... idk.

I have a set of 42lb injectors out of a ford mustang that i could try installing but Im guessing LH2.4 would just way over fuel and this may just cause other problems and make for a difficult or pointless comparison.

Side notes, cold start is in the 9:1 range and slowly leans up to around 14:1 until the lh swaps to closed loop. WOT pulls puts measured AFRS in the mid to low 10s above 4500rpm and i have seen high 9:1 ratios toward redline a few times now. I have been keeping my foot out of the throttle the past couple days driving to work and back trying to establish an estimated fuel milage as well. Its not looking good...
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