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Originally Posted by holtzboy View Post
I know you said the blow through MAF worked before but do you think that could be causing issues? Did you snip your WOT wire on the TPS pigtail?

Simon video couple posts down -
I did wonder, I am not to proud to eat my own words. I actually tried pulling the charge pipe off the intercooler and just left it to pull in air without influence of the turbo/intercooler, no change unfortunately. I do also want to make clear that the car has been idling poorly long before the +T, I was kind of hoping that by swapping the injectors/ecu/ezk that i might get lucky with one of those resolving the issue. What i didn't expect was for the turbo computers to amplify the problem.

I have not snipped my WOT wire I forgot about that! Thank you for bring that up.

EDIT: I love Simon

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