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Originally Posted by cosbySweater View Post
yea the wot wire doesnt really do anything if you have a turbo ecu. the wire basically goes to a dead pin on the ecu.

Originally Posted by cosbySweater View Post
i see its got a blow through maf, they do weird things sometimes, took the screen out on both sides i take it?
I did not pull the screens.

Originally Posted by cosbySweater View Post
probably not going to solve much but have you tried the n/a computers and put a stock maf on it nd take the charge pipe off? you still have your pcv hooked up to vacuum?
See previous posts for more detail. The car has had a rough idle for years now and I had done several things but eventually gave up, assuming it would get worse and thus easier to troubleshoot.

When I +Td the car it did get worse. I did swap the n/a computers back in and it essentially idles like it use to except a little more rich due to the bigger injectors.

I have pulled the charge pipe off the intercooler to essentially eliminate the turbo from the intake and this did not change anything.

PCV was vented to ground at +T but again this seemingly had no impact because the car runs as it did when the n/a ecu is installed.

Thanks for the input!

I'd really like to find a known good 016 to try. Maybe I have two bad ones that just happen to behave identically to each other.
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