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Originally Posted by Harlard View Post
Improbable but not impossible on the MAF front. Are you absolutely certain that all the basic stage zero crap has been dealt with? Intake manifold+throttle body gasket and shaft o-ring/coolant, crank, narrowband sensors/ clean and free idle valve/valve lash?
I have not personally done the intake manifold gasket. No visible soap bubbles anywhere along the top. Throttle body was cleaned and gasket replaced. Shaft o-ring is leaking slightly but not enough to cause a problem in my opinion.

Crank sensor replaced.
o2 sensor replaced.
Cleaned idle air control valve.
Checked and set valve lash.

Originally Posted by culberro View Post
I had a bad ECT sensor and coil driver that caused similar rich running issues (happened at different times).
Lesson learned, don't just let your coil driver flop about.
I still haven't tested the ECT, ill try and do that ASAP.
I do have a spare coil driver out of the junkyard laying around. Do they need to be mounted to the inner fender just to test it?
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