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Originally Posted by DD Ranch View Post

Nice progress!

I need to do the upper strut mount reinforcing plates and have shied away from the the job having never tackled the front suspension myself.

15 minutes? Please explain how. Just dropping the struts and slipping the plate over the top?
No spring compressor needed?


That's exactly it! No compressor needed. Keep in mind that you'll want to drop both at the same time so that you aren't fighting the sway bar. Before you drop the struts, mark where the banana washers is in relation to the towers so that your camber remains close after you bolt everything back together. Then if you drop the struts down as far as you can and pull them all the way to the outside, you can finagle the plate in from the engine side. The hardest part is keeping the top of the mount from spinning while you try to get the plate on all three studs.
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