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Continuing on with the basic mods. I think I found my new best bang-for-buck part!

I hate when I have to wait for a pop-up storm to pass over just so that I can retrieve the jack stands. I guess I could have gotten soaked, but I wasn't THAT excited.

So I waited and enjoyed the freshly cooled air while I sipped on one of my favorite IPAs. By the way, Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis has half price growler fills every Friday. Since this stuff is already cheap, I can fill my jug for $6. Can't beat that!

Anyway, Josh isn't kidding when he says that these frame ties are a must for any 240 owner. At first, I couldn't believe how much more predictable the car handled, braked, and even accelerated. Then I remembered the terrible locations of the four measly bolts holding the k-member in place. It's very believable now. I never thought that I would be able to enjoy a "spirited" drive in an NA 240 without bigger sway bars and lower ride height, but I absolutely did yesterday. I was actually able to break the rear end loose while flooring it in a wet roundabout!
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