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Default project blue is better

Hi all,

Here is a short story about my DD 945 TIC ( I apologize for my bad english )

I've bought this car in 2002, just before my daughter was born. It'll replace my Alpine A310 V6.

Mods actually done :

Engine :

B230FK, with only 102300 km on it!

-0.5mm shaved 530 head with a minor porting job
-T cam
-90+ ported and polished manifold
-Ported 20T with a 11 blade billet comp. wheel + a 9 blade Iconel turbine wheel, @ 18/19 psi, + Forge adjustable 1.20 bar wastegate actuator
-full 3" JT exhaust with 200cpsi cat
-KL Racing intercooler replaced by a do88 intercooler
-3" throttle body
-Nathan intake + fuel rail
-Yoshifab phenolic spacers
-Bosch 3" 012 AMM
-Wasted spark ignition system
-Magnecor 8.5mm leads
-Bosch WR7DC+ plugs
-984 ECU
-Fred's chips/Hi Tuning chips Stage 2 ECU
-Fred's chips/Hi Tuning chips Stage 2 EZK
-Dale's gear ]
-Brand new Contitech timing kit
-3rd motor mount
-Bosch/Fiveomotorsport 52lb/hr (550 cc/min) injectors, resistor pack suppressed, 3.0 bar FPR
-Bosch 044 fuel pump + brand new in tank fuel pump
-Stock Bosch air filter in a '96+ airbox
-Catch can

Transmission :

-LUK clutch
-1041 rear axle, G80 equipped

Suspension :

-Kilen springs front -1/4 coil
-Poly bush
-Brand new front sway bar link + IPD Poly bushes
-Kaplhenke sway bar endlinks
-camber mod -0.75
-caster mod +3mm
-IPD sways bar
-Stock lower brace now
-SAM upper strut brace
-Bilstein B6/HD all around
-all ball joint new
-960 lower reinforcement brace

Wheels :

-Infiny R1 rims, 7.5x17"
-Yokohama Advan Sport V105, 215/45 17 front
-Yokohama Advan Sport V105, 225/45 17 rear
-23mm spacer front
-28mm spacer rear

Interior :

-OMP racing seats
-OMP "velocita" steering wheel, 350 mm, leather...
-AEM wideband
-BSR boost guauge


project Blue is Better

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