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throwaway anecdotal data point: my car doesn't SHAKE at 3k rpm but there is a small rpm window right around 3k that is just a wicked resonant frequency for NVH/driveline vibrations. Has been there since forever, all sorts of setup changes, motor mount changes, various bushings, two clutches and flywheels.. It just buzzes like a beehive right at 3k then smoothes right back out.
Yep same.

So far the best option has been to use a diesel passenger mount, soft stock style driver side mount, and a modified STS Machining 3rd mount with something like this in place of the solid rod:

Still vibrates like an industrial hoo-ha rattler between 2500-2900 RPM. Next up will be adding trans cross member bushings. If those don't work, the trans mount will be replaced with E46 M3 style puck mounts.

The T5 definitely makes things worse as far as resonant vibrations go.

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My knob has a big chunk of steel on it
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