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Originally Posted by JohnMc View Post
I'm not all that happy with my CD009 so far. But mostly it's that shifter I used (top mount CBF). Pops out of 5th, and I don't think it's the transmission's fault. There's just practically no detent force holding it in). And it's not as tight and precise as I'd like it to be.

And the ratios are not good, I think it would work better with a really tall rear axle. Like a 3:1, somewhere around there.
At one point I had an aftermarket (MTC?) shift boot on my car that was really thick and stiff compared with OE, it was stiff enough it was actually pulling the t5 out of fifth. Tried running no boot already?

I'm just super picky on ratios. Part of the reason is because of how much I built my car for top end power, so to me the right gear spacing to stay in the power is the difference between the car being fun and quick or totally useless around here.
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