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Default best up to date plug wires

Im running a header with turbo(20lbs boost) with megas., Running stock ignition with NGK plugs. I think I know why the guy sold the header it cause, its a plug wire eating monster.
Ive searched and have recommendations of kingsb--- and NGKs. But seems like they were threads about stock turbo engines.

I dropped my down pipe and put a curve in it to help get it away from the plug wires. I had the fiberglass boot protectors on the wires and the DEI wrap on them. The downpipe is wrapped. Ive burned up set of MSD's and set of taylors unsure of which taylors?

Should I call kingsb--- have custom set made? Try to find taylor Rv wires which I cant find part #? Buy Accel ceramic boot wires?
ps- the wires seem to melt or dry out about an inch up from the boots.

My build
1990 volvo 240
Megasquirt 2 (kenny helping with tune)
KLRACIng intake
Treadstone IC
3inch exhaust
RSI stage 3 cam adv. 4 degrees
65mm throttle body
1000cc inj. Injector dynamics
20lbs boost
Stock ignition with Jacobs coil
90 Volvo 240-my current setup.
B230ft rebuilt -MS-Turbo-E85

1985 240 Work in progress.

sons car- 93 240-15g turbo-chipped-95,000 miles. Slick car

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