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A MicroSquirt with the Volvo 60-2 tooth flywheel/flexplate (from LH2.4 cars) can run 4x LS coils in wasted spark mode. With this setup, the distributor can be removed.

You cannot run 4x LS coils using the stock Volvo LH2.4 ECU+EZK setup. If you buy an "EZK wasted spark" board, you can install it within the EZK box to run wasted spark. When you do this, you need to make sure the coil dwell time is compatible with the original LH2.4 coil dwell time.

For you, it's probably easiest and cheapest to convert to MicroSquirt and LS coils at the same time. (Or you could convert to MicroSquirt first and continue using the stock coil/distributor/plugwires, then add the LS coils later.)
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