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in this article there is no mention of a electrical relay or switch to turn on the fan at a certain temperature.

These relay/fan thermastat kits can be bought for $60 at a local auto zone or Discount, these are adjustable and come with a relay and all the wiring to hook it up, however i have had an electric fan on my car since 2003 and it has failed me 3 times, 2 used GM fans and one brand new Imperial Fan and 2 relay kits have gone out on me.

-one thing to note is to use a big relay, such as a 30 or 40 amp relay(at least) for your fan. these can be picked up cheap at junkyards out of volvos just remember to get the 5 pronged relays or 4 with 87A missing(this prong gets power all the time until the relay clicks)

Here is a diagram of the relay of how it should all go together:

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