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Originally Posted by B3rnard View Post
Hi LeedomtoFreedom,

Doing EXACTLY that right now, before winter. Mine's 1991 245, switch is OK, but which relay did you get to? I have 3 behind the console, of which 1 is for the turn signals.
Do you have a part# or pic from the relay in question? Cheers! B.

Hinges checked, did those this summer. Tint film also in the way.
It's in the drivers footwell. Mine's probably in a different location than yours since I did a manual swap and didn't remember where they went. It's not the silver headlight relay. It's a tall white box relay with 4 pins missing a central pin. When you turn the defroster on you can hear it click on.

was looking for some wiring location info since there really isn't anything I've seen.
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