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-1978 is 10 spline input shaft for the clutch disc, 1979+ is 22 spline.
10 spline 228mm OE sachs thickness disc for OEM 1989+ dished flywheel may be hard to find or cross reference.

I suppose you could use the OEM 218mm -'78 10 spline disc to get it to move under it's own power (same new thickness between the discs for the diaphragm style pressure place/cover springs) with the dished flywheel/228mm cover and just have less grip with the softer springs and it *might* work at all if the engine has very little power or torque driven gently...
...the spring pressure is lighter on most of the 228mm clutch covers for the N/A cars so expect all else equal, torque capacity to be lower, but the car would likely move/be all?

Otherwise...uh it all basically bolts in & works, especially 1979+ trans.

Easier if you have a ~1983-1984+ bellhousing for the crank angle sensor with the thin spot/knockout, though you can carefully trace & cut the aluminum alloy with fairly conventional woodworking tools capable of cutting alum alloy if you wanna/no one has had the bellhousing crack or trans fall out from under the car or cut their foot off...uh..yet.
Or if they have, they haven't posted about it or fessed up to it on TB...yet...

I'm not a mech-E as such with a test lab in my back pocket/no official stamp of approval, but I've traced the pattern & cut the bellhousing carefully or read the book and swapped the bellhousing without incident BTDT many times.

Swapping/correctly shimming the bellhousing is its own little thing.

Path of least resistance is obtain the correct flywheel & trans with 'thin spot' bellhousing ~1983-1984+ or whole parts car of ~ that year or newer without having to swap the bellhousing or do any custom/improvised cutting I guess?
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