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You *do* realize that those parts can be removed and swapped out, right? Four bolts and a roll pin. I've successfully converted a 1983 242 Turbo's M46 over to 700 spec for use in an '84 764 Turbo that had a bad overdrive. Both and I did that many years ago. Another friend has an '86 744Ti's M46 in his '84.5 242Ti right now. In his case, he did swap the overdrive over from his old box, since he needed the speedo drive.

Volvo didn't build multiple different M46 boxes for each engine or body type. Would've been prohibitively expensive for them to design a specific box for say an '84 245D6 versus a '79 242DL versus a '94 964Ti. All three cars have the same size M45 case. The D6 uses a different bellhousing for the VW LT35 engine, but the other two use basically the same bellhousing. One's going onto a B21FT, the other's going onto a B204FT or GT block. The only differences are the length and design of the ****er cage, the link rod, overdrive wiring (and whether or not a speedo drive is needed), the release bearing, and the output flange size and shape.

Back when your 745Ti was M46, you could've taken a '79 240 M46 and swapped it in no problem. Would've needed a freeze plug to install where the speedo drive assembly goes, but everything else from your original box would've swapped over.

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