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Who engineered this?
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Originally Posted by cleanflametrap View Post
I hesitate here, because with an AW-71 on a 240, you've got a 82-85 Turbo, back when the relays worked opposite those of the later years. But the sig shows late model 240s and lots of mods, so could be an AW-70 if original using the newer relay. My little experience has those relays white vs the older 1s in orange. The white 1s had a very tiny foil trace in the solenoid circuit that could blow before the fuse if the solenoid wire under the car rubbed through on the transmission housing.

The ancient pic above attempts to show a jumper wire fixing the open circuit board foil.
Sorry, car was originally an aw70 car that got an aw71L with the turbo conversion. The wiring is all the same as far as the green book shows.

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