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My apologies. The difference is in the cluster and internal relay wiring for the OD-OFF lamp, not the harness wiring, so it makes a difference what year car the post is about. The difference isn't between AW-70 and AW-71L -- the transmissions work the same; solenoid must be energized to dump the hydraulic pressure inhibiting overdrive.

I'd do what Dave suggests. Put your test lamp on the relay terminals. The gray wire to relay-86 should have battery on it when you push the button. However the relay should start out with initial key on delivering battery to relay-87, and only interrupt that when you toggle the relay with the push button. So I think Ian has a good guess that the relay itself is toast if you get battery at 15 and not at 87. Or your ground is missing ... check for NO battery at relay 31. Test light is your path to the truth.

But watch out for the older green books. The detail shown in the relay internals is drawn wrong for the older configuration where the lamp is returned to ground in the cluster. It shows 87 and 87A as the same circuit, but they are separate in the early relays. Get the p/n of the relay you have next time you're in there.
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