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Originally Posted by thelostartof View Post
I know I moved a few things around interior wise as I relocated my WB but it is using all of the same wiring it was before.
Be careful with the WB02 wiring - the better ones have separate +12v/Ground wires for heater power and another set for sensor power. The heater power turns on and off rapidly (PWM) to maintain a fixed temperature. If you wire the heater +12v/Ground into the MS sensors, it will generate a bunch of noise. Does the WB02 turn on with the key or the fuel pump? If it's the key, turn the key on but don't start, and let the WB02 warm up. After warmup, is the CLT still OK?

You may be able to turn off BattV filtering in MS and see some noise in the MS logs. A labscope on +12v at the MS box, or on ECT at the MS box, would show if you have noise problems.
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