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I'm doing my T5 swap right now and everything is pretty much ready to go in the car. I still need to buy my slip yoke and was wondering if the big dampened 4 cylinder yoke would fit in a 740 tunnel? If not how does one modify the tunnel? Is it as simple as bashing it with a ball pein hammer? It seems that most people T5 swap 240's. I'm trying to do as much research as possible before I buy anything to avoid as many vibrations as possible. After reading this thread and getting feedback from other members my plan is to use the 4 cylinder slip yoke and two-piece driveline. I'm using Yoshifab's stage two clutch kit with the sts machining 20-pound flywheel and Yoshifab's 740 T5 transmission mount with a poly bushing. I will also do my best to get correct bellhousing alignment and correct u joint angles, although I'm not sure how exactly to go about that. My T5 was just professionally rebuilt by Jeff from Elite Performance near Portland and I'm using the Dee works kit.
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