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Originally Posted by ZVOLV View Post
DISABLE IGNITION OR FIRE WILL HAPPEN, and point fuel rail into the air and crank engine and you should see injectors spray. This will tell you that the computer is working and you also have some fuel pressure.
Not a good idea for newbies to do this. Fire can still happen, and you can tell just as much by testing the signal at the wires.
If you rule out all other problems and have poor cold starting and idle, take the injectors to have the pattern checked, or do it the way you describe in a container of some sort.
Trust me, I have seen fires and other silliness with ignition disabled.
Originally Posted by Bready View Post
Fun fact - bats having an extraordinary appreciation for sound and frequency are well known fans of Bose 901s and I have a feeling that's why it came into the house to begin with, it definitely stayed in the "sweet spot" throughout the visit...
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