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Default Storing a 940 T, Old Gas, and Boosting on Old Gas

I store my 940T over the winter to avoid the salt rot.

I only use 91 Octane (North America), Ethanol Free from Shell.

How long will ethanol-free fuel last before going 'bad'? With the 940 having a plastic tank, is it really necessary to store the car with the tank full?

I heard that boosting on old gas is not a good idea, so I drive the car really easily and try not to boost on the gas that was stored over the winter. Is this necessary, or is 5 month old gas not going to cause any problems?

When storing the car, here are a couple other things I do, some are probably unnecessary;

-Remove the battery so I can keep it inside. This also prevents current running through car wiring which attracts chewing rodents.

-Spray the battery tray and in front of the air box with water and peppermint oil to repel rodents.

-Plug the tailpipe with steel wool to prevent anybody from crawling inside.

-Remove the plastic Volvo floor mats and windshield wipers and put them in the trunk to minimize unnecessary UV exposure.

-Spray the carpets and trunk with a bit of that peppermint spray to discourage anybody from finding their way inside.
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