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Has anyone replaced the stock front suspension with Fox body Mustang struts and spindles. I drag race my 940 and I am too fast for the stock front suspension and the rear suspension is totally not working anymore either. I have searched forever and I cannot find a drag strut for the front suspension for the Volvo. I am having a hard time finding good brake upgrades too. One guy that sells Big brake kits was updating his design and never got back with me on the adapters. Even then my front end comes up and then has nothing to keep it up since I am on stock struts. My rear is upgraded to an 8.8 and I need to install a 4 link or ladder bar for that. Any info guys. I know I am not the only one to drag race a Volvo. I love beating other cars in my 940 sedan, they can't believe how fast it is. Thanks guys.
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