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Default What setting should I advance/retard my cam gear to? 16T turbo

I am asking for some experienced advice since I do not know much about advanced/retard cam gear settings.

Right now I am running,

- fresh 1994 b230ft squirter block
- ported 90+ manifold
- 16t
- 3in DP
- 2.5in exhaust
- Yoshifab catch can
- new green top injectors
- Sbabbs chipped lh2.2 ecu
- AW71 accumulator mod

The next step is the turbo cam and cam gear that I have but my question is, with the higher HP mods I've completed so far, what should I adjust my cam gear to for higher mid to top range power? I know there is different advance/retard settings but I'm unsure what I should adjust it to. I appreciate any advice. Thank you
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