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Originally Posted by majkelos View Post
As for the AFR - on stock injectors and 1bar boost it was not very good, at the full throttle it was running lean mixture. I need to install some additional gauge and sensor in my exhaust, that's for sure.
Just to be safe, did you reset the ECU (by clamping off the battery for a while) and let it relearn after turning up the boost, so it can adjust the fuel mixture accordingly?
LH 2.4 is capable of doing that to quite a bit of extent, more than people might think in my opinion.

If that doesn't help, the chips might help too.

I've used a set of chips from an unknown source with an unknown fuel map before (came with the gold EZK and had to use them because I broke a pin off on my old TLAO ones) and the AFR was absolutely all over the place, terrible.

I'm using -768 cream/white V70 injectors at the moment (because the old stock -804's were leaking), but they have the same flow rate (about 340cc) and on full boost I'm well below 11 on the AFR gauge.
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