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Originally Posted by spock345 View Post
I talked to hiperfauto about it a bit and he recommended updating it to the tapered roller bearings if it doesn't already have them. I guess the challenge would be to figure out a bearing puller. I was told by the seller that it is a 164 transmission modified with the correct bell housing and input shaft. Which makes me interested in popping the top cover and bell housing off to take a look inside. I'll have to do so anyway to get the 122s shift lever on it.

When did Volvo switch over to the tapered roller bearings? I see M400s pop up ever so often on ebay. I'll definitely grab them when I can.
Yes, tapered counter shaft roller bearing are necessary. According to Planetman they are a retro fix introduced fairly late in production for the 164. The bearings initially fitted are ball bearings which cannot handle the load and deteriorate and cause gear noise as the shafts are forced apart.

It is difficult to get the countershaft bearings out. Volvo made a number special service tools for these boxes and a special puller is needed to get the output shaft bearing and shaft out. The countershaft bearings are pressed into the case and without the special tools it is difficult to get them out. You can make your own pullers and there is an online article about rebuilding a 1800E box that will give you some ideas.

The 164 1st and 2nd gear ratios are lower than in the 1800E boxes and really too low for lighter 122 or 1800 cars.

You can use a 164 input shaft but the spline is SAE 1 1/8" in diameter, and the smaller 1800E shaft is SAE 1". You have to have a special clutch plate made up w/a the bigger spline to use the 1 1/8" shaft it or buy an expensive clutch plate from KG Trimming.
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