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If I had tig skills and a tig, this would be a done deal. Also, the projects we have going now require OE reliability: Cam's got to be able to drive his 944 daily, and my buddy's 244 has to have probably 4-5 days a week out of it, 3 seasons, and be able to go a couple hundred miles from home without a hitch. That means that ALL the stuff that goes along with the performance aspect has to be bulletproof. You could almost say that the performance aspect is among the last things to consider. Sounds goofy, I know, but it's self-imposed restrictions like this that force us to think harder. When I was a kid we had cars that had wires running everywhere and exhaust leaks and stuff like that, but we had time to mess with them all the time and never went more than 30 miles from the house.
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