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Originally Posted by redblockpowered View Post
Intake manifold swap seems outside of the scope of this (my) project. I like the cast KL one, the work and expense required is probably not worthwhile at this power level.

Depends on how in the weeds a ported B230F manifold still is, I suppose.

Either way you still have a Volvo 8V head.
So klr142s General Leif makes like 155whp (so assuming about 180 crank) with a modified k-jet intake (bigger tb, and some smoothing I believe).

That same engine, head, and camshaft combo will usually make 220 crank hp with ITBs or DCOEs. So that's a significant amount of power on the table with just the induction side.

A well warmed over 8v head can still do 260+ crank hp...
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