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Another weekend, another "Autocross". A friend of mine coined the event the Trackcross. Our club came up with an idea of combining a road race course with an Autocross. The first one was last year. I didn't go because the date was moved so many times due to Covid restrictions and it ended up on the same weekend as a points event for another club I race with. I registered for both days. It was a combined event with the club I am a member of running clockwise on Saturday and another club I race with running counterclockwise on Sunday. Normally, that would make no difference. At ORP, it is night and day. This track is 2.3 miles long and deliberately has major elevation changes and countless blind corners. It also was designed with very well thought out run off areas to keep damage minimized if and when a driver makes a mistake. I have run one track day there and have the counterclockwise direction pretty well memorized. I got there Friday night and stayed in my camper so I would be all rested and on site for the 7:00 AM start of activities. It's over 4 hours from my home to ORP. I woke up Saturday with a heck of a head cold. Headache, running nose, aches and pains and no memory. I had a heck of a time trying to memorize the track. My 6th run I was finally confident enough to push the car a bit and dropped 7 seconds. My 7th and final run I dropped another 2 thousandths of a second. I placed OK overall, yet, was way off my game. It was cold, rainy and very windy Saturday. By 10:00 that evening I came to the conclusion I would not be a good idea to run Sunday. Driving on the edge at this track is begging for an off if you aren't thinking clearly. At least 10 cars each day went off the track into the weeds. Some sustained minor damage. Nobody was hurt. I didn't want to be the guy that ran at his limit and rolled my car because I was driving impaired. I also didn't want to have to work the course in 36 degree weather with high winds and possible rain. I let the club president know I was wanting to give up my space for Sunday so someone on the wait list could run. It was a good choice. My car is still in one piece and I'm feeling quite a bit better today. I stuck around for part of Sunday so I could take pictures of all the club members making their runs. We even had a guy with a S60 R wagon running with us. Anyway, here is one of my fastest runs from Saturday. And, the top PAX run of a friend of mine that runs a 2015 Mustang GT in CAM C and is one of the top drivers in the NW. He has been a National Champion Solo driver and it shows. He is almost always top time of day and if not, top PAX of the day. On a good day at a typical Autocross, I can usually get within 1-2 seconds of his time. At ORP, he is right at home, I don't have an ice cube's chance in hell of coming close to his time. The other video is another friend of mine that runs another 2015 Mustang and won top honors last year in the Optima Battery Street car challenge. His GT makes something like 650 HP and is a hoot to watch run. The only problem is it is a money pit to maintain. I like running my F-Street Mustang because it costs me about $2000 per season to keep it in top shape.

My best run Saturday.

Steve Wynn's top PAX run. He had just been to an all day track day at ORP the previous weekend. He usually instructs at those events.

Dennis Healy at the Optima Battery street car challenge last month. This is Autocross on steroids.

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