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Adrian's Video Host:
Currently over 1.3GB worth of videos.

Get in touch with me if you have any videos to add, or want credit for any videos that are yours, or wish them removed.
Rating system is implemented and operational.
It's currently limited to 75MB/30 minutes. I'm going to leave that limit on for a few more weeks, until the ISP bill comes in, and how much $$$ it's going to cost me to uncap it.
Many more videos are being added as we speak.
Feel free to donate money, parts, or kind words.
You can now upload videos under 100MB directly to the site. I still have to check them out and make them live myself, to prevent spammers, so if you upload something, it'll take me a little while to make it live. Email, PM, or instant message me when you upload something to hurry me along.
Don't use any automated downloaders, and if you do, only run one (1, uno, single, NOT HUNDREDS) simultaneous connection. This is important if you don't want me to take the host offline. If you run too many simultaneous connections, and you create a slowdown of the server, you will be immediately banned from accessing the site. Contact me, and I'll unban you. Repeat offenders will not be tolerated.
I'm deeply sorry if anybody is offended by this, but bandwidth = money. I'm a college student, I don't have that much money, and if this starts costing me too much, I'll be forced to take it down.

A BitTorrent server is in the works.

I'm looking to buy, PM me if you've got any of it: LS bits, 93 850 bumper, ford 8.8", T5 WC, T56, Mustang IRS

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