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Originally Posted by Drift Brick View Post
By dyno sheet do you mean spec of springs KG's and the valveing of the dampers? or what do you mean?
I am all for bang for our buck also, but I was commenting on bolt in solutions. BCs are not.

I set my car up so it was perfect the first time. The preload on the spring is what I wanted, the ride height is what I wanted, and the shocks are in the middle of the range. There should be no reason to adjust anything after that.

The dyno for the custom struts/shocks valving... unless you didn't specify any custom numbers when ordered. If you did and they did send a copy of dyno plots, that would be nice to see what the valving is doing. Or if you know who supplies them with shocks/struts. They could probably have them made by someone else. That is my biggest problem with aftermarket stuff. I know that if I go bilsteins, or konis, I get atleast 100,00miles on them.

I usually follow this:

I have some teins on my evo 9 and really do not like them. Already feel like they are wearing out and they have like 30,000miles on them.
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